I specialize in figure skating action photography, but I have experience in several genres of photography, including additional sports, portraiture, events, and travel.

I grew up chronicling vacations with a black-and-neon Kodak 35mm camera and have always recognized the importance of photography in archiving memories. The first time I touched a DSLR, I fell in love with the possibilities of photography.

I love the creative process of collaborating with a subject. Whether I am photographing an athlete, a baby, a couple, or a landscape, my job is to put the best of my subject on display. I am passionate about my work and I think that shows in my images. I love capturing emotions—moments of victory, laughter, curiosity, focus. I strive to create images that my clients want to hang on their walls.

Use the links at the top to view some of my favourite shots, and keep up with my latest work on my blog.